Sruthi Bommisetty

Memberships and Trainings:

Full Member – NZ Association of Breathworkers

Provisional Member – NZ Association of Counselling

MSc. Counselling Psychology

Professional Breathwork Training

Sound Healing Practitioner Training

About Sruthi

Kia Ora! Namaste! I started my professional journey with a training in Counselling Psychology and later trained in Breathwork and other Somatic healing modalities, along with Sound Healing. The combination of these approaches has enabled me to understand and work with myself and my clients at the holistic level: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In the last five years, I have worked with children and adults facing life challenges and aided them in their journey of finding inner freedom. I have found this work to be life transforming for myself and others. My sessions are an offering for anyone who would like to learn, understand and experience freedom from the past and lead a life with empowerment.

I offer the following sessions (in-person and online):

      Breathwork       Meditation
      Sound Healing       Somatic Work
      Emotional Well Being       Inner Child Healing

Connect with me for more information and a free 15 min Discovery call at or +64 2041039294.


“You have helped me heal in such a beautiful and gentle manner. I am eternally grateful to you. I sincerely feel that God intervened when I sought a change of facilitator for my sessions and you were assigned.”

– Art and Crafts teacher, India

“It was really great experience what I got. My body felt lighter and I learnt how to manage my emotions.”

– Finance Professional, Muscat

“Sruthi’s breathwork sessions are something to look forward to. I have found it very effective and invaluable. I have not missed my sessions and after each one, I feel good and even euphoric. When i go with the flow of the session, I find it easy to form a habit. I would be happy to refer her to anyone interested, in a heartbeat!”

– IT Professional, USA