Beyond the Veil has the most advanced equipment for more accurate aura imagery (Kirlian photography) in New Zealand.

What is an Aura Photo?

Beyond the Veil brings the worlds most advanced Aura Photography to Auckland, New Zealand. It is for people to view their Electromagnetic Field (also known as the Aura) with special bio sensors created specifically for this purpose. You will receive a 15-page report which gives you intuitive insights to give a better understanding of your self.

Your aura is an extension of who you are. It is an expression of your personality, how you relate to others and how you treat yourself. Your thoughts, emotions and actions show up in your aura. Now you will be able to visualize, read and understand the energy/vibes which you radiate. This enables you to know what influence your presence brings to others.

At Beyond the Veil we also provide crystals and other support such as chakra balance healing to rejuvenate and balance your auric field; if required.

  • An instant, easy way to understand chi-energy information
  • You will be able to visualise your aura and seven of your chakras
  • You will receive a detailed report that offers you a deeper understanding of potential energetic imbalances
  • Monitoring of your internal energy channels¬† which may be out of harmony
  • Identifying rising chi-energy can help you understand what may need to be done to curb energy imbalances

Receiving an aura photo interpretation can help you gain insight into general wellness and even prompt you to make positive changes in your life. Auras are a way of reflecting on who you are by the colours shown.

Many aura will have a dominant colour with different hues and underlying secondary colours. Different colours represent different kinds of personalities. Red, for example, indicates a passionate, determined, and somewhat stubborn person. Violet, on the other hand, indicates a highly spiritual and wise person.

Yes, we are able to take photos of your pets. However, at this stage we are only taking photos of dogs. Your dog will need to be able to stay still for at least 30 seconds, with a paw on the sensor.

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  • Aura photo
  • 15 page detailed report
  • 15-20 mins reading on aura photo and chakra photos