Energy healing, clearings or blessings are ideal for your home or workplace when

  • you have trouble sleeping
  • a new baby has arrived in the home
  • the energy simply feels ‘not right’
  • you are having trouble selling your home
  • there is someone affecting the energy in the home or workplace
  • you are hypersensitive to energy in general
  • you want to bring positive, peaceful, clear and deeply nurturing energy into your home or workplace

A big transition has occurred such as

  • a separation
  • a loss in the family
  • during times of treatment for illness or recuperation

You work from home and want your work space

  • to be clear and conducive to new ideas
  • to resonate to prosperity
  • to be serene and inviting
  • to attract new opportunities and support growth

You work in the healing arts and want

  • your clients to feel safe
  • the energy in your room to support the way you work
  • a clear connection to energy that is peaceful, healing and deeply nurturing

You are the caretaker or owner of a healing centre/retreat/ workshop venue and want

  • your venue to be energetically clear and fresh
  • a welcoming, safe and nurturing place for visitors and facilitators
  • to attract people who will love and respect your venue
  • Energy healing, clearings and blessings can be either done in person or by distance.

Investment $250

Energy clearings and blessings are done in person

Travel charges additional if outside of the Auckland metro areas

Meet our experts:

Cathy Foreman
Cathy Foreman
Cathy is experienced with house blessings and lifting energy in your environment. She is trained as a reiki master-teacher and energy healer and is a psychic medium.
Kirsty Denny
Kirsty Denny
Neurolinguistic Kinesiology, Nature Connection, Energetic Workshops, Sacred Ceremony, Space Clearings.