Online booking system

Please note that our online booking system is only for our practitioners to book rooms with our centre.

Email or call Anna on 027 457 7918 if you would like to book a service.


Rates: 1 hour $30;   1.5 hours $45;  Daily rate(8.30am-6pm) $100

*Make Effective January 2022. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Terms and conditions apply.

Beyond the Veil is a special community of practitioners and healers working in a well-established and well-known centre.  We welcome you to come and view our premises to see if our centre is a good match for you.
Beyond the Veil offers a choice of three fully serviced treatment rooms with flexible hiring options to support your business requirements.
Beyond the Veil also offers a beautiful workshop space which is available during the day, in the evenings and weekends.
We welcome practitioners and healers who are committed to growing their business as well as being part of Beyond the Veil as it continues to develop as Auckland’s largest alternative healing centre.
Please contact Anna for further information or to arrange a visit.

Testimonials from some of our team

I have been involved with Beyond the Veil since its inception in 2011.  It has been an amazingly supportive place to meet like minded practitioners and to establish my practice as an holistic life coach and energy healer.  The community offers support to all practitioners and a network for referrals.  Anna holds the vision of the center with love and passion”.
Cara Elliott

“I feel very lucky that I have been part of Beyond The Veil since the very beginning in 2011, and have personally seen Anna’s vision for a healing centre to support both practitioners and clients alike unfold and grow.  Beyond the Veil offers both clients and practitioners alike a space to heal, work and grow at our own individual pace in a beautiful and supportive environment.  I feel very privileged to be part of the Beyond The Veil community”.
Tracey MacKenzie

“Since 2012, Beyond the Veil is the perfect place for me as a practitioner to work from.  The rooms are scrupulously clean both physically and energetically and presented with a professional appeal. The community of healers who work at Beyond the Veil are very welcoming and supportive of each other and their work. Anna who owns both Ellerslie and Mt Eden is the easiest and most accommodating person to work with”.
Beverley Iffla

“I practiced from home for years before joining BTV in 2016 and it really uplifted my confidence and enjoyment of my work when I became part of the BTV collective of healers. Although I love working from home, it also gives me a boost to work at the beautiful centre that Anna has created and to support and be supported by the other healers there. Most of all I am very grateful for the flexible model for booking rooms which makes BTV a practical option for me and my practice”. 
Liz Weatherly

“Being  a self-employed practitioner can be isolating, and  finding time to market my business is hard,  but being part of the Beyond the Veil  community from 2017 has really helped.  A great group of talented people to connect with”.     
Chris Broderick

“Working with the others at the Veil is a pleasure and a delight.  The range of skills and modialities are fascinating and I’m thrilled to be part of the team since 2017”.     
Sarah Carrington

“Working at Beyond the Veil from 2018 has been a fantastic experience for me both in terms of business and personal growth. I recommend it for anyone looking to join a supportive network of healers and like minded people”.     
Beth Joscelayne