Malani Moodley

Registered Nurse, Medical Intuitive and Shaman with a specialisation in empowering young people 10-18 years

Tributes to Malani who passed away in 2022

Our special passionate healer who was on her path guiding and helping children hold tools for their life, to support and give them confidence in situations they may find themselves in.   Malani had uploaded meditations for children in Insight Timer which had a good following.  She had made sacred geometry cards to help in her courses that she was aiming to provide.  Malani was passionate for the welfare of today’s children and her work was  guided and powerful and they understood the inner work. “.

RIP Malani

Jacqui and Summer

Malani was dedicated to her Spiritual pathway and participated in many teachings with many teachers.  In later years she turned her focus of service to the “New Children” – particularly to help parents understand these highly vibrational children.  She was also an intuitive medic.

I celebrate this Soul that I knew as ‘Malani’ in this lifetime.  I honour her journey on the earth plane as an incarnate Soul and I honour the continuation of her journey as a discarnate Soul.“.



About Malani

Malani is a trained nurse, medical intuitive and shaman with a specialisation in empowering young people 10-18 years.  Her mission is to help support, mentor, protect and lead children to listen to their deep inner knowing and their own body Intelligence.  She guides them to follow their Heart, Mind and Soul in daily living so that they become Conscious Starseeds and Ground Crew (those that hold the Earth Consciousness). Thus, becoming the best versions of themselves including being the future innovators, civilization builders, creators and leaders.  Starseed children are aligned to higher star systems, multi-dimensions and are on a trajectory to raise the consciousness of New Worlds.


“I had a big clearing session with Malani and it was very powerful and effective. She brought in the Galactic beings to assist with the work. I could feel the shift happening in my body. I experienced a dramatic healing response which gradually ended up integrating. Malani also ran through with me very detailed notes of what she picked up. I would definitely recommend Malani.”.

– Carol, Magnetic and Energetic Healer, Auckland

“Magic is how I describe the work of Malani.  She has this lovely humble ability to connect especially with my grandson who needed some tools for himself, as the middle sibling and a few of life’s curve balls to boot.  How does an eight year old deal with all this stuff?  Using Malani’s skills to give him a tool box and his imagination he comes away relaxed and I’m sure he feels a weight lifted off him.  Malani’s caring nature shines and I highly recommend this type of work for the modern child in this modern world.  Thank you”.

– Jacqui, Auckland

“Malani has a true gift that is apparent from the first meeting. In my session with Malani, she was able to identify deep-rooted issues that were 100% accurate, and she drew upon the healing gifts and Team to enable me to have very deep and profound healing through meditation. I felt refreshed and lighter from the session. I was able to sleep better, and Malani gave me some tools to use so that I could continue the healing that she started. I recommend Malani to any person who is looking for a genuine spiritual healer, and  I will definitely visit her again”.

– Di

“I have had the pleasure of working with Malani, on several occasions now. I highly recommend her medical intuitive modality. She has the capacity to go deeply into the subconscious, to unlock the gifts and release the traumas within. As a healer myself, I am very selective on who I allow into my energy field. I trust her professionally, knowing she will do the work effectively, efficiently, and without fuss.”.

– Shakira, Fusion Therapies/Reiki/Healer