Kirsty Denny

Neurolinguistic Kinesiology, Nature Connection, Energetic Workshops, Sacred Ceremony, Space Clearings.

About Kirsty

Kirsty practises Neurolinguistic Kinesiology with the intention of empowering you to connect to the divine truth of who you are.  She has special interests in nature connection and awakened parenting as well as serving starseeds, highly sensitive and neurodivergent people. In addition to private sessions, Kirsty offers energetic workshops, ceremonial gatherings and space clearings.


“This was my first time having such a session, so I didn’t know what to expect?

What I loved was the thoroughness and the depth to which Kirsty could move.

I know myself, there is a lot that is involved in connecting into the self as a whole, and Kirsty did this beautifully.

Kirsty’s manner was always professional, organised, compassionate and authentic. I knew and felt I was in great hands…

A few days after the session with Kirsty, I could feel the shift in energy and perspective with what we had been working on, and I was very grateful for this!

I would recommend Kirsty for a multitude of reasons… though the bottom line is, she is great at what she does, and knows her stuff!”

– Donna K – Franklin, Auckland

“I had a session with Kirsty, who also incorporated a lesson on how to use kinesiology for my own practice. She was very thorough and accurate in what came up for me and I would recommend a session to anyone!”

Katie – Auckland

“Kirsty has a lovely way in which she works that put my son and I completely at ease. Our sessions with her felt very organic in what came up, flowing through to resolving it.

I really like her energy & the little things during the session that she brings into it. I found we both left the sessions with a feeling of wholeness and renewal.”

– Vanita – Auckland

“I recently had a kinesiology session with Kirsty and came away feeling more grounded and settled within myself.  Her work with the body and gentle healing touch helped me get to the root of some deep level stress I was holding onto. She has extensive knowledge of the energy systems of the body, and this combined with her keen intuition allow her to help you in identifying the underlying cause of problems and access your own well-being.  If you are looking to create positive change in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Kirsty.”

– Mary M. – Auckland