Jacqui Pounder beyond the veil practitioner

Jacqui Pounder

Nutrition, ayurveda, yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation and nidra yoga

About Jacqui

Jacqui is an experienced yoga teacher who has a special interest in nutrition and Ayurveda, yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation and nidra yoga.


“I met Jacqui about six years ago as an aspiring yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner. Through her I have learned a great deal about holistic health and wellbeing and an introduction to using chemical free skincare, make-up and essential oils through World Organics. This bought me to visiting Jacqui at Beyond The Veil in Ellerslie to catch-up, enjoy a herbal tea with a hand massage.
Jacqui introduced me to the Bio-Cleanse. I have had two session of Bio-Cleanse and have found the results amazing – not only watching the body detoxing via the treatment, but how I felt afterwards. I would recommend anyone to try Bio-Cleanse, especially if you have or had any health issues – or even the typical office ‘bug’”.

Sally, Auckland