miss evie beyond the veil practitioner

Evelyn Do

Reiki, Access Bars, ThetaHealing®, Oracle Cards, and Psychic Medium

About Evelyn

Evelyn’s expertise includes Reiki, Access Bars, ThetaHealing®, Oracle Cards, and Psychic Medium.


“I feel so blessed and privileged to have been guided to Eve at a very sad and challenging time of my life.

I felt very safe and cared so beautifully for by Eve immediately. It was almost as if she had been waiting to pass on her incredible gifts to me, working so beautifully with her divine team.

Eve awoken me, a man asleep, to guide me on my incredible journey of self mastery.

Her gentleness is amazing and she see’s the beauty within you. Her ability to equally steer you in your best direction is also incredible. Eve is an outstanding and gifted communicator.

Eve devotes so much time and energy to her clients. She comes so prepared with only you in mind, her energy is so powerfully obvious each session.

I enjoy my sessions with Eve. Counselling, healing and cards, tears, laughter, revelations and just feeling so good afterwards.

I get to be a better man everyday thanks to Eve.

You will be privileged and fortunate soul if Eve becomes part of your journey.”

Mark, Auckland

Evelyn has a very particular gift of sight.  She also has the integrity to present what she is given to see and hear in a very open and clear way.
For many years we have both been part of a small group delving deeply into the many aspects of our many lives and Evelyn has expanded our experience greatly.  Her pictures and stories and messages have added colour, context and meaning we would never have dared to imagine.
I believe Evelyn has always trusted completely what she sees and it has been wonderful to watch the slow and gentle growth of the confidence needed to share these amazing pictures and messages with others.  I am forever grateful for what she has added to my life.
SML, Auckland

“My teenage children (13, 16) unexpectedly lost their father recently and were dealing with complex emotional issues of guilt and anger on top of grief.  Counselling, while helpful, was not addressing the grief symptoms and physically they were overwhelmingly tired, kept getting sick and were missing school.

After just one session with Evelyn, my daughter was immediately back to her normal energetic talkative self, she was like a different child.  Her immunity also bounced back, since Evelyn’s session she hasn’t been sick or missed school once.

My son was able to connect with his father while Evelyn was working and have a conversation which has helped him process and clear out some buried hurts. 

I highly recommend Evelyn, not only is she skilled at rebalancing your energy so you can restore to your full self, she also imparts information that helps you understand what’s been preventing that. And she’s just a lovely bubbly person as well. ”

Emma, Auckland