Chandra BTV

Chandra Palmer | Reiki Healer, Reconnective Healing, Oracle Readings, Distance Healing

About Chandra

Chandra is a light worker who started her journey in healing as a teenager. Trained in recognized healing modalities, she also works with her own intuition and guides to bring through the healing that is needed for you.

She is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and welcomes all colours of the rainbow.


“My session with Chandra was such a special experience for me! I hadn’t had energy work done for quite some time, and she had just the most kind, calming, centering quality to offer in the session. I came in exhausted and stressed and just generally anxious. It felt like she was painting my soul, and the 60-minute session ZOOMED by. I felt refreshed, beautifully reflective, and deeply calmed after my appointment. In fact, it peeled back some layers for me so I could
more easily do some personal work I had been putting off that same evening. I highly recommend booking a session with Chandra, you never know what you’ll come away with after!”

– Rachel LaFond

“Energy healing is very new to me. Chandra, as always, was very calming and patient as she explained how it all works and in the few sessions I’ve had so far I’ve always left feeling much better and have learned alot about myself. I would fully recommend it to anyone.”

– Ben Sutton

“Chandra took me through my very first energy healing, she was very professional and helped make me feel comfortable in my body. It was a truly unique experience that helped me work through my insecurities and identity. I felt very safe and welcomed in her company. I highly recommend her.”

– Eli Halewood