Beth Joscelyne beyond the veil practitioner

Beth Joscelyne

Beth spent lockdown in Brazil after completing her contract at a local retreat.  She is currently unsure when she will be able to return to NZ.

About Beth

Beth is a naturopath and medical herbalist whose forte includes holistic nutrition, Bach flowers, iridology and herbal dispensary (tailor made herbal formulations and medicinal creams). Aside from that, Beth also offers therapeutic massage with reiki and holistic health workshops.



“After suffering from a number of serious health conditions over the past 2 years, I am grateful to have found Beth as my naturopath – from the beginning 

she took the time to listen to me and support me through implementing her recommendations, including nutritional and lifestyle changes that have had such a positive impact on both my physical and mental health. Beth always takes the time to explain the ‘why’ behind her recommendations and seeks to ensure they are something I can commit to. I’m so pleased I was recommended Beth and I thoroughly recommend her to others looking to partner with a great naturopath”.

Susan, Auckland

“After years of suffering from severe fatigue and a myriad of other health concerns my doctor was unable to help with, I went to see Beth. Since working with Beth for several months, I now wake up with energy and feel excited about the day ahead! I honestly thought I’d never feel this way again and had forgotten how it felt to wake up in the morning with energy. Thank you”.

Jenny – Auckland

“Thank you so much Beth! The herbal formulation you made for me at my consultation has got me feeling amazing – worlds away from how I was feeling prior to my first appointment. My family want to know what’s in it because I’m a different person! They jokingly say they want some too.  I can’t thank you enough – I came away from my first appointment feeling inspired to make the changes needed to restore my health. I love your energy and genuine care and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a good naturopath”.

Lisa – Auckland   

“I was lucky enough to be sent to Beth, for a massage, from my daughter. I have had a lot of shoulder pain over the last 18 months and at times it has been unbearable. After just one session with Beth I am pain free in my shoulder, sleeping much better and my scatica is much improved. By the next session i believe i will be 100% better. It is a miracle”.

Joan – Auckland