Anna Chan | B.A. Metaphysics,
B.Ed. Teaching (Steiner)

About Anna

Anna is a psychic medium born with the ability to communicate with loved ones, animals and guides on the other side. Anna can gain insight into areas of your life where you may need clarity or guidance making choices around relationships, health, work and spirituality.

Anna is a specialist in soul retrieval through Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis* a nine-session programme that is deeply healing and a life-changing experience.


“Thank you for the reading it was really helpful.  Recording it was great because I re-listened and it really sunk in a day later.  It has greatly removed some fears (terrors!!) and has given me positive confirmation on what to do next.  Also taught me a lot about managing my own gifts.”

– Anonymous

“Anna keeps giving to many.  Your reading for me was of true value and reflected the messages in my life right now that I am ready for and needed to hear.  You are a true conduit for those that appreciate and are open to your gifts.  I was sent to you and now I must continue my journey to help others by opening up more as me.  Your gift today to me is gold.  A corner turned a new road to travel. Blessings”

– R, Auckland.