An EMF Balancing session is an experience of your own electromagnetic energy field (EMF) and the patterns within it.  Your energy field is prepared, cleared and then strengthened according to your inner wisdom.  Four sessions are recommended as each one addresses a different aspect of your inner wisdom.

Phase 1 – Wisdom and Emotions

This session releases stress and establishes a new pattern of freedom and wellbeing. Experience the energetic balance between head and heart.

Phase 2 – Self Direction and Self Support

This session gracefully releases the energy restraints of what we call the past and promotes awareness of Self direction and Self support.

Phase 3 – Radiate Core Energy

The radiating of core energy encourages the increased flow of spiritual intelligence into your daily life.  Experience new understandings and insights into your soul’s unique expression.

Phase 4 – Energetic Accomplishment

In this balancing connection and communication with future Self is established through the Prism of Personal Potential channelling future potential energy into the co-creation of present reality.

Source: Peggy Phoenix Dubro EMF Technique

EMF Balancing Technique Beyond The Veil

Meet our experts:

Cara Elliott
Cara Elliott
Cara’s expertise includes holistic life/soul coaching, energy clearing and chakra balancing, crystal healing, Thetahealing® and PSYCH-K®. Cara also runs soul retreats and workshops.
Tracey McKenzie
Tracey McKenzie
Tracey is an expert on Thetahealing®, spiritual healing and guidance, energy clearing and chakra balancing, EMF Balancing Technique®, Reiki, Re-connective healing, and distance healing
Evelyn Do
Evelyn Do
Evelyn’s expertise includes Reiki, ThetaHealing®, Oracle Cards, Psychic Mediumship.